Bibs Pacifier ''Deep Space and Petrol''

Bibs Pacifier ''Deep Space and Petrol''

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BIBS Pacifier ''Deep Space and Petrol'', Size 2

''Deep Space and Petrol'' pacifier set by Danish brand Bibs comes in a 2-pack made of pure, natural rubber. The pacifier is designed to mimic the mother's breast in a natural way, so that your baby can follow their sucking instinct. The pacifiers are classically designed and timelessly elegant. 

Good to Know

  • Material: 100% natural rubber
  • Designed to emulate the feel and shape of a mother’s breast
  • Pack of 2 
  • Model: size 2 (6 - 18 months) 
  • 100% free of BPA, PVC and phthalates
  • Colour: Deep Space and Petrol
  • Designed and Made in Denmark

About the Brand BIBS have been designing and manufacturing pacifiers and accessories in sophisticated colors in Denmark for over 50 years. They design their Bibs pacifiers in optimal shapes, made with natural rubber, so that they adapt to the baby's mouth and face and replicate the feel and shape of a mother's breast / nipple.