Experiment Set ''Schüler-Labor'' 1. and 2. Class
Experiment Set ''Schüler-Labor'' 1. and 2. Class
Experiment Set ''Schüler-Labor'' 1. and 2. Class
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Experiment Set ''Schüler-Labor'' 1. and 2. Class
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Experiment Set ''Schüler-Labor'' 1. and 2. Class

Experiment Set ''Schüler-Labor'' 1. and 2. Class

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Experiment Set ''Schüler-Labor'' 1. & 2. Class

With fun and surprising aha effects - here children research and learn beyond their everyday school life! The content is exactly based on the subject matter lessons of the 1st/2nd. Class tailored and based on the curriculum. Simply pick up the pipette etc. yourself and get started, as the knowledge will be consolidated even better in the more than 50 experiments! German language.

How can I make light rays visible? What is the surface tension of water? The comprehensive and varied experiments range from light and shadow to colors, air and water to hearing and seeing. After each section, what you have learned is put to the test in small tasks to complete - with this KOSMOS experiment kit for children between 6 and 9 years old, independent and sustainable learning is fun!

Experimental station
Magnifying glass
Flower pots
Soil pellets
Cress seeds
Petri dish
wooden sticks
Test tubes
measuring cup
Styrofoam boat
Coloring tablets
Wooden beads
Sheets of paper
Punch sheets
ice cube tray and much more
color illustrated instructions

Additional materials required: pencil and other pens, scissors, glue, adhesive tape, flashlight, meter rule, sugar, salt, cornstarch, cooking oil, and other household materials and items

DANGER! Only for children over 6 years old. Use under adult supervision. Read the instructions before use, follow them and keep them ready for reference.
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Danger of suffocation as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled.

Good to Know

  • Age Recommendation: 6 - 9 years 
  • Language: German
  • STEM toy
  • Contains more than 50 experiments
  • A knowledge kick with fun and aha effects - the over 50 experiments about water, air, senses and more are based on the school curriculum and enable independent, sustainable experimentation and learning.
  • Light and shadow, air and water, hearing and seeing! There is so much to explore. All experiments are based on the level of knowledge of the 1st/2nd level. Class tailored.
  • People tinker, mix, observe and understand - because children learn best when they take pipettes etc. into their own hands.
    The observations are explained in a child-friendly way and put to the test in small puzzle tasks.
  • The KOSMOS school laboratory for children between 6 and 9 years is the perfect school companion for the school entry phase and promotes independent learning while having fun. 
  • Language: German
  • Size: 42.5 x 29.5 x 8.0 cm

    About the Brand The high quality of manufacturing, design and game standard has turned KOSMOS into one of the most successful game producers of the past years. It is impossible to imagine a game world without the Settlers of Catan (awarded Game of the Year in 1995). Children adore our handy “Bring-Along- Games” – ideal small gifts to ‘bring-along’ to a birthday party as a surprise.