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Patch ''Peace''

Patch ''Peace''

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Patch ''Peace''

The patch Daisy designed by illustrator Gretas Schwester. Perfect for embellishing coats, pullovers and backpacks, hides stains on trousers and individualises denim jackets.

The patch can be attached with a sewing machine or by hand.

Good to Know

  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 4cm 
  • Made in Germany

About the Brand Gretas Schwester awakens your wanderlust, takes you to distant lands and helps you to keep all your adventure memories. Created by Sarah, then a 29 year old Berliner 'Gretas Schwester'' Wanderlust through handcrafted objects from fabric, enamel and paper that inspire world explorers big and small to explore the planet. Travel and baby books, calendars, bears, posters, postcards and mugs are just some of the many products we offer. Of particular importance, at the core of her work, are sustainable materials. Gretas Schwester only use recycled paper and organic cotton. Each product is illustrated by hand, processed with love and locally produced.