Bath Thermometer ''Lemon''

Bath Thermometer ''Lemon''

Konges Slojd
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Bath Thermometer ''Lemon'' 

Both practical and beautiful, this lemon shaped bath thermometer from Konges Sløjd helps make bath time easier because your little loved ones deserves the perfect temperature. A safe and comfortable baby bath temperature is 38 degrees C. This goes for older children too. 

This is not a toy.
Aim for bath water around 38 degrees C, and be sure the room is comfortably warm.
Always check the water temperature with your hand before bathing your baby/child.
Make sure to keep the product away from sharp objects.
Remove all packaging prior to use and safe for future reference

Good to Know

  • Material: 100% Silicone
  • Cleaning instructions: Clean in soapy lukewarm water and dry with a towel.
    Do not use any chemicals on the thermometer
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Soft Silicone shell
  • Size: 8 cm x 9 cm

    About the Brand Konges Sløjd is a creative brand that salutes the wild, varied and perfectly imperfect life with children. Their aim is to make thoughtful and quality conscious designs using our unique signature prints and colour palette, whilst dropping in an imaginative humorous aesthetics. Konges Sløjd aims to blaze a trail for garments, toys and interior produced in a way that is kinder to the environment and made to last.

    Everything is crafted to survive snuggly newborns, adventurous toddlers or curious children and still be passed on - not only to siblings but to future generations.