Crackling Bath Salts ''Pink''

Crackling Bath Salts ''Pink''

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Crackling Bath Salts ''Pink''

Every kid deserves a good fruity soak after a long day of fooling around and having fun. Restless little monsters will enjoy this new bedtime ritual and so will you…

Nailmatic Kids crackling bath salts dissolve slowly in the water and turns it all blue, all the while making crazy pop sounds. 

Glorious berry burst scent. Sunflower, sweet almond oil and vitamine E work together to ensure hydration. Chamomile flower extracts soothe body and mind to slip from bath time to bedtime.

Good to Know

  • Crackling bath salts
  • Colour the water
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free
  • child-friendly
  • Made in Poland

    About the Brand Founded in 2012, Nailmatic is a cutting-edge nail varnish brand that has created their own line of child-friendly, toxic-free polishes called Nailmatic Kids. The brand specialises in gentle eco-friendly nail varnishes for children that can be removed easily using soapy water.