''Diplodocus'' 3D Decoration

''Diplodocus'' 3D Decoration

Studio Roof
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''Diplodocus'' 3D Decoration 

No other group of animals captures the imagination quite like the dinosaur: big, impressive, dangerous. But so much fun to play with!

With its long tail, this enormous animal used to simply whip its enemies out of the way, but made of cardboard, it is your best playmate.

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Good to Know

  • Material: Recycled cardboard and vegetable inks
  • Size: when built 23 x 9 x 31 cm
  • Set of 2 x B6 sheet with 13 pieces to pop out and assemble
  • Instructions can be found on inside of packaging

About the Brand Studio Roof was inspired by the creators own three children as the parents observed the creative and colourful outcomes between themselves and their  children that originated from their first products. Studio Roof's belief is that imagination and playfulness are not only connected to childhood but are a key element that pervades every aspect of life, at all ages.