Minikane Doll Shoes ''Komvers, Green''

Minikane Doll Shoes ''Komvers, Green''

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Minikane Doll Shoes ''Komvers, Marshmallow''

Mini doll shoes made by French brand Minikane. The perfect accessory for your 34 / 37cm Minikane doll. 

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Good to Know

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Designed for Minikane dolls sized 34 / 37cm
  • doll accessories
  • doll shoes
  • Age Recommendation: 3 years +

About the Brand Minikane is a French-based brand that specialises in toy dolls, doll pushchairs and accessories. Minikane has been a huge success with kids since its creation in 2012 and is sold worldwide. They offer a uniquely wide selection of accessories to personalise your doll and give it even more character.